TARRANT COUNTY Pock-marked ice made for rocky and risky driving across bridges and overpasses in Tarrant County on Monday.

In addition to 280 sand and de-icing trucks, the Texas Department of Transportation brought in 32 road graders from other cities.

TxDOT confirms that more than 500 work crews have treated 3,000 bridges some more than once.

Countless Good Samaritans are also lending a helping hand. On a bridge at Interstate 20 in Forest Hill, a big rig driver hooked up a chain and pulled a fellow trucker to traction.

Lisa Bauer was among those who finally ventured out to work Monday. Her car had been stuck in a ditch in Azle since Thursday night.

'I got it out yesterday, during the few hours that we had 34-degree weather,' she said.

MedStar has responded to more than 100 accidents, but many more are believed to have gone unreported.

Officials are warning about another serious road hazard as the frozen stuff melts: Ice falling off cars and trucks. It can obscure the driver's window or crash into cars following behind.

Conditions across Tarrant County are improving late Monday afternoon, but TxDOT will continue treating roads and bridges throughout the night, warning motorists that surfaces will freeze again as night falls.


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