PROSPER -- On Thursday, Trina Harlow's third-grade art class didn't resemble a typical elementary lesson.

The kids dialed up a class similar to theirs on Skype, namely, fourth graders from the American School of Monterrey, Mexico.Together, they shared common assignments and then ask each other questions.

The Folsom Elementary art teacher created the worldwide color wheel project to connect students and teachers through art and technology, so they can learn more about each other and each other's lives.

'A lot of our students have never left Prosper, and a lot of them have never been to other countries,' Harlow said.

Each class had to create a unique color wheel through painting, drawing, sculpting or digital media. The kids say it's a great way to learn.

'It's not like Columbus or back in the day of discovery,' said Connor Fuxa, a third grader. 'You just talk to people through Skype and you can learn a lot about their country. And they're actually not that different.'

Harlow met Monterrey teacher Barbara Martinez at a conference to discuss the use of technology. Together, they have become teaching partners and friends. Both are embracing technology as a new and powerful teaching tool.


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