PLANO -- A football rivalry turned into all-out brawl.

Five Plano teens were arrested, and cell phone video of the fracas quickly spread on social media.

Thursday night, the Plano school district is warning students that more misbehavior after Friday night football games could land them in handcuffs.

An off-duty police officer from Henderson County, who works security at the Plano Whataburger where the fight broke out last Friday, called 911 when he was overwhelmed by hundreds of students that gathered in the parking lot and inside the restaurant.

Cell phone video showed the scene on the Whataburger parking lot before the fight. You can hear the chanting on the 911 call made by the lone security officer inside the eatery.

'I just have a parking lot full of teenagers from the Plano and West Plano game,' the officer told the dispatcher, 'and it looks to be too contentious for one officer to handle by himself.'

Nine minutes later, a fight breaks out inside the packed Whataburger. A store employee called 911 with an urgent request.

'We need somebody here immediately,' the worker said.

The principals of Plano and Plano West Senior High Schools sent identical letters out Thursday with a stern warning regarding Friday night's big rivalry games. Plano plays Allen and Plano West plays Plano East.

The principals reassured parents and students that the district will have appropriate levels of security in place at both games at PISD stadiums. But the letters went one step further, saying police will beef up the number of officers at known off-campus gathering places.

'We have been asked to convey a very clear message that such conduct will not be tolerated, and that police will respond with a swift enforcement, issuing citations and arrests, if violations are observed,' the letter read. 'The reputation of students does not stop at the school door.'

The principals say they can't control the decisions made by their students. But they hope those kids will make good decisions regarding their behavior.


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