GREENVILLE In 22 years, the Wagner home has never had the kind of attention or the kind of problem it had on Wednesday. The crude started spewing on Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m.

'My wife woke up with a bad odor in the house and she thought the propane tank was leaking. I got up, and I said it's not propane!' said Brad Wagner.

It was the Wagner's neighbor. The pipeline next door made itself known like never before.

'She waked outside and she could hear the oil spraying up in the air...about 40 feet,' said Wagner.

For four hours, a mist of crude oil 10 barrels in total covered nearly every inch of their property. The Wagners left for a hotel and the clean up crews came in. So did an explanation of what happened.

The pipeline is owned by Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. The line runs through Greenville starts in Oklahoma and continues to East Texas. The company says the break didn't happen on the main pipeline, but on a smaller pipe that juts out closer to the home. Crews were repairing that line Tuesday evening. The main pipeline is running as usual.

'This was approximately a one inch in diameter stainless steel line that ruptured under high pressure,' said Richard Hill with Hunt County Emergency Management.

'This is very messy but as far as the volume, it wasn't anything like what could have happened so we consider ourselves pretty lucky,' he said.

The Wagner family does too. No one was hurt. But they're taking this as a sign that it might be time to move.

'The pipeline guy just talked to me a little while ago, and he goes 'If you need anything just holler.' And I go, 'A bulldozer!,'' Brad Wagner said.

The Wagners will be staying at a hotel as teams continue to clean their property, and as they decide whether to stay or relocate.


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