TERRELL -- Alex Carrillo has seen so much unfold in his town since Monday, when a man who he says he shared a jail cell with went on an alleged rampage, killing five people and attempting to take the life of two others.

He said the past couple days have been a whirlwind. He has much sadness for the five murder victims in Terrell and their families, especially a good friend: Luis Leal-Carillo, the store clerk.

But he's kept one thing hidden from a lot of people; an unusual acquaintance with the man now accused of the crimes, Charles Brownlow.

'His bed was right across from mine,' Carrillo said.

Alex Carrillo and Charles Brownlow were cellmates at the Kaufmann County Jail. He says they were in the same eight-man tank between August and September.

'He was real calm, always real calm. He says he didn't like fighting or anything like that,' Carrillo said.

Carrillo called him 'B' for Brownlow and for Blood, a gang set Brownlow allegedly claimed he belonged to. Carrillo described him as a gentle giant. He said Brownlow was in jail for attempting to steal TVs from a Walmart in Terrell, which the Kaufman County Sheriff's Department confirmed.

The sheriff's department said Brownlaw was incarcerated between Aug. 2 and Sept. 4.

'He'd wake up sometimes and say, 'Man, I'm hearing them voices,' and he wouldn't go back to sleep, he'd just sit there for a little bit,' Carrillo recalled.

All of their many talks happened over a game of cards. Brownlow often talked about drug use, but said little else. Family and friends say Brownlow struggled with drug use. Police even admitted that likely played a role in the murder spree Monday night.

'He does appear to be intoxicated on some sort of substance,' said Terrell Police Chief Jody Lay the afternoon of the killings.

But Carrillo definitely remembers one of the last things Brownlow told him.

'He said he wanted to go outside and said he wanted to smoke a blunt, smoke some ice [meth,] and go find a girl,' Carrillo said.

The surveillance video inside Taqueria Dos Aces from the night of the murders has been widely publicized this week. It shows Brownlow walking into the Mexican restaurant and quickly walking out.

But what it does not show is Brownlow apparently asking the server for Alex Carrillo, his cellmate.

Carrillo was not working that day and now wonders if he may have been a target.


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