DALLAS -- A Dallas Independent School District teacher is in jail for allegedly choking a student during gym class Wednesday at Thomas Edison Middle School.

The victim, 12-year-old Joshua Flores, described the attack to News 8. 'He got me by the neck, like that,' Joshua said, adding the teacher, Javier Valladarez, was upset after he asked to borrow paper for a class assignment.

'I asked the teacher for some paper and he said, 'No,' so I asked another student,' Joshua said. 'I bent down on the floor and he kneed me in the back.'

According to the arrest affidavit, Valladarez then choked the child.

'Valladarez' hand tightened around the child's neck, causing pain and difficulty breathing,' the document said. 'Valladarez used his right forearm to place the child in a choke hold.'

'He was dragging me to classroom, and threw me up against the wall,' Joshua said.

His mother provided a picture of Joshua's neck just after it happened. You can see red marks.

The whole thing was caught on a school security camera and witnessed by dozens of students.

Just after it happened, Joshua tried to call his mother on his cell phone, part of the message was captured on her voicemail. You can hear him screaming for help.

On the tape, the teacher is heard yelling, 'Really? Is that what you're gonna do? This is ridiculous. You wanna be a man, Be a man.'

Joshua's mother, Michelle Larin, rushed to the school when she heard the message.

'He was still crying and crying, and I was in parent conference room and I seen his neck,' Larin said.

She said her son was distraught.

'I grabbed him and he was crying, and he said, 'The teacher choked me,' and I said, 'What?' He said, 'The teacher choked me.''

Three days later, you can still see faint marks on Joshua's neck.

On Wednesday, the day it happened, Valladarez was placed on administrative leave. By Thursday, he was charged and arrested for injury to a child.


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