THE COLONY Melissia Conzett is afraid to be alone. She recalls Tuesday's events as the scariest moments in her life.

Conzett said she was kidnapped in the parking lot of her apartment at the Budget Suites in The Colony. She said a black male asked her for a cigarette, and then pointed a gun at her and forced her into her own car.

With a gun pointed at her, Conzett said she drove for nearly 45 minutes with the kidnapper in the passenger seat.

'I didn't know what to do, and I just begged and I was praying the whole time,' she said. 'I had this necklace on, and I just kept grabbing my cross and praying.'

Conzett said she followed all of her abductor's instructions, and at one point was even assaulted by him during the drive.

She drove him to a remote spot in Prosper, on a dirt road. It is there, near a church, where he tried to rape her.

While struggling with the man, Conzett told a lie and said she was pregnant.

'And that's when he said, 'I'm not trying to f--- a pregnant b---.' And then he took off and he was gone,' she said.

Conzett could only think to call her good friend and a mother-figure in her life: Lisa Galvan.

'Pure panic... terror... she was so distraught,' Galvan said.

Conzett and Galvan filed police reports with the Prosper and The Colony police departments. They filed a kidnapping report in The Colony and an attempted sexual assault report in Prosper.

Galvan remembers that moment when she finally caught up with Conzett that Tuesday night.

'All she could do was hug me and cry,' she said. 'It was raining, and we were standing in the rain, and all I could do was hold her.'

Our calls to Prosper police were not returned.

The Colony Police Department said it has processed Conzett's vehicle and sent a detective to the alleged crime scene at the Budget Suites in The Colony. Detectives are also looking for any surveillance video to help them identify the assailant.

Conzett described him as a black male around 5'-7' tall and wearing a gray hoodie. She was willing to give police detectives information for a sketch, but she said both departments declined.

The Colony police said the department does not have a sketch artist on staff and would have to contract out for the service.

A representative for the department also said detectives have to follow a certain process before calling in a sketch artist. The police spokesman also said the detectives need more conclusive evidence that the alleged act occurred.

'I want him in jail where he belongs,' Conzett said. 'I got lucky, but maybe the next girl is not going to be so lucky.'


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