FORT WORTH A student group at Texas Christian University is outraged that its promotion and raffle ideas ahead of a gun rights speech were shot down by the school.

The Young Americans for Freedom student group was trying to promote a Wednesday night event featuring former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan, who served in the Reagan administration.

Buchanan was slated to discuss gun rights.

But when the group tried to submit a flier featuring images of the former president, Buchanan, and an antique looking shotgun with the slogan 'fully loaded,' the school's student affairs Facebook page wouldn't post it.

'I was shocked. It's all about political correctness,' said Kathleen D'Urso, YAF's president.

In an e-mail message, a student affairs employee explained to D'Urso that '...we are not going to be able to post this with the gun and gun references unfortunately.'

The group then proposed a student raffle to drum up awareness ahead of the event.

'We wanted to offer a conceal carry class to the winner,' D'Urso said, but that, too, was nixed by the school. So was a subsequent proposal to instead offer the raffle winner a shotgun and hunting class.

Dr. Kathy Cavins-Tull, TCU's vice chancellor for student affairs, issued a statement to News 8, which reads in part:

'We are mindful that students have a right to gather and dialogue about ideals and beliefs that they support. That is a big part of what being at a University is all about. However, those dialogues and discussions should be managed in a tasteful manner that does not offend or alarm other students, faculty or staff or members of our surrounding community who have differing viewpoints. Producing a poster with a rifle on it and the words 'fully loaded' can certainly cause alarm in today's environment.'

The Young Americans group was eventually allowed to submit a promotion without the shotgun image.

Buchanan also spoke as promised to about 40 students on Wednesday evening.


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