DALLAS North Texans, meet fall. It'll likely be at your door the second you open it Saturday morning. And it'll stay, at least, for the weekend.

Temperatures are expected to dip as much as 20 degrees overnight Friday, triggering a steady decline that will continue as the day goes along. The morning will start in the 70s, the afternoon will plunge into the low 60s and the evening temperatures will remain steady in the 50s, said News 8 meteorologist Colleen Coyle.

'This is our first taste of fall,' she said. 'Real fall temperatures.'

Light rain is possible across much of Dallas-Fort Worth, but it's nothing to be alarmed about, she said. The cold front will bring in a few isolated thunderstorms throughout the region in Saturday morning and then in the afternoon.

Areas outside the region will see some of the coldest temperatures of the year, with lows in the 40s. North Texas proper will spend much of Sunday in the nice, low 70s.

The cold front that's cooling Dallas and Fort Worth is fueling blizzard like conditions in the Midwest in areas near Wyoming and South Dakota.

'We're so far removed from the big system that we're just getting the cold front,' Coyle said.

As rapidly as it arrived, it may very well be gone Coyle says late next week, highs will rise to the upper eighties.

But still: 'This is definitely our first big shot at fall.'

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