DALLAS Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles will keep his job, but he was reprimanded by the Board of Trustees on Monday night.

An external investigation determined that Miles violated policy and his contract, and on Monday night, the school board was split on what his punishment should be.

They voted 5-3 against a proposal to fire the superintendent after concluding that his transgressions fell short of that penalty, but later decided to give Miles a letter of reprimand in a 7-0 vote, with board member Carla Ranger abstaining.

Following a lengthy closed-door meeting, Miles' contract was amended to prohibit disparaging comments about the school board, bullying, abusive behavior, and the release of confidential information.

In addition, he was placed on a '90-day growth plan,' although it was not immediately clear what that means.

Ranger said she did not feel that the reprimands go far enough, and other trustees made it clear that they are not happy with Miles' personal behavior during his first year on the job.

Not only has he interfered with an internal investigation, he played a role in a campaign to disparage certain school board members.

How serious were Miles' actions? That's a discussion that could continue late into the night.

'In the Coggins report, it was very specific: There was no violation of any laws, civil or criminal, and I think that must be remembered,' trustee Nancy Bingham said.

But trustee Elizabeth Jones was taking Miles' behavior more seriously.

'It may not rise to the level, in and of itself, of a fireable offense, but what it does do is give us very grave concerns about whether we have trust-based leadership, and whether we as a district should place trust in that leader when that leader has violated that trust,' she said.

So while Mike Miles did not lose his job on Monday night, relations between him and the school board are clearly strained.


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