DALLAS Inside a tiny, 8' x 10' indoor storage space rented in Dallas, a mystery is yet to be solved.

DFW Sled Hockey member Taylor Lipsett wants a rotten crook caught. He said that person stole most of his sporting equipment... along with his dream to help others.

'You know, it stinks,' Lipsett said.

Lipsett, a gold medal paralympic hockey player, volunteers his free time teaching wounded warriors and children with low limb disabilities how to play sled hockey.

Cash Carothers, 7, is one of them. He said the sport gives him a break from 'his wheels.'

'I was sad because they stole all the hockey equipment, and now I can't play sled hockey anymore,' Cash said.

Lipsett said the crooks stole straight out of the box about $4,000 worth of brand new protective gear. 'I hope they made a little penny off of it, I guess', Lispett said sarcastically.

The pilfered items include helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, sticks, shin guards and knee pads. Only the sleds were left behind.

Lipsett said his team was lucky. 'They didn't know what those [sleds] were for.'

But there is a silver lining. The equipment loss has caught the attention of the Dallas Stars. They've already donated new jerseys and a suite to make sure fans like Cash get a chance to watch the fastest game on ice... and hopefully get back on it as well.

Cash still hasn't forgotten the crooks, though.

'To the people that stole the equipment: Please bring it back,' he said.


Donations to the DFW Sled Hockey team can be sent to:

Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association
Attn: Sled Hockey Equipment
PO Box 1389
Hurst, TX 76053

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