GARLAND It was a happy ending to what was a likely a nightmare 48 hours for the Solorzano family: Twelve-year-old Adrienne Solorzano was found by a search party on Saturday afternoon.

It's unclear where she was spotted, but Garland Police came to pick her up in the parking lot of the El Langostino Azul, a Mexican seafood restaurant in the 700 block of Centerville Road in Garland.

'We're really glad for her... we find her and she is well,' said a gentleman who identified himself as Castillo.

Family and friends trickled into Garland police headquarters, where Adrienne was taken Saturday afternoon to talk with detectives.

The Brandenburg Middle School student had been missing since early Thursday. Her disappearance from the campus sparked aggressive searches by police, family and friends. She was picked up by police about a mile from the school.

Garland police had even re-interviewed family and friends on Saturday to make sure no stones were left unturned.

When police arrived at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Adrienne was with the two men who had found her in the parking lot of the restaurant.

'It may have been someone she goes to church with; there were a lot of those people out searching for her,' said Garland police spokesman Officer Joe Harn.

Leonardo Huerta, whose father owns the restaurant, said the two men who found Adrienne were seen on store surveillance cameras buying food for her.

'Two guys were ordering five tacos, and there were four officers outside,' Huerta said. 'The little girl was found in the vehicle.'

Garland police confirmed to News 8 the two men were part of the search party and affiliated through a church.

Investigators said Adrienne was not hurt, and spent a small part of Saturday sitting with detectives.

'She seems very calm, is very articulate, and is going over what happened these last two days,' Harn said.

Police have not said what they know about where Adrienne Solorzano was for more than 48 hours, whether anyone was with her, and what happened after she was excused from class Thursday morning to attend a meeting with one of her teachers and her father at the school, at 626 Nickens Road.

The girl's family and friends said the behavior was out of character for Adrienne, who they described as quiet and polite, and someone who does well in school.

The school sent a letter home to parents Friday explaining the situation, and in it said Garland police visited Adrienne's classes requesting information and help from the girl's classmates.

'The safety of students and staff at Brandenburg is paramount,' the letter read. 'Please help us reinforce this message. Talk to your child this evening about the importance of sharing any action they may experience or witness that impacts the security of our campus.'


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