CARROLLTON -- 'What do you mean you don't know what's going on? I need to know something,' questioned the 911 operator, taking a frantic call from a woman in Carrollton.

It's a 911 call with a lot of confusion.

A soon-to-be mom didn't realize she was pregnant, and emergency operators were trying to make sense of the panic.

Officer Jene Kimpton with the Carrollton Police Department was dispatched without knowing what for.

'I was expecting like a burglary in process or assault,' Kimpton said. 'I get in the front door, and there is a three-year-old in the living room.'

The child led Officer Kimpton to a locked bathroom door.

'Does she have a baby in the bathroom?' the operator asked.

Turns out she did -- a baby born into the arms of Officer Kimpton.

'I had to act, she was in full delivery,' he said. 'I helped the baby out, and once it was out, she was crying. We wrapped the baby in a towel and I held it until the paramedics got there.'

'She indicated to one of the paramedics she didn't know she was pregnant,' Kimpton said.

It was a surprise for Mom, Dad, and Kimpton, who said this was a special moment in his career.

'It was an incredible experience helping a new life into this world,' the officer said. 'It was my first time in my 18 years in law enforcement to deliver a baby.'


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