Like most of you, I'm used to waking up to an inbox full of laughably worded and erroneously punctuated spam email offering me everything from opportunities to work from home (part-time) and make $45,000 an hour to low cost pet medicines from countries with dubious veterinary reputations. But today I got the offer that intrigues me the most. Today, the Rangers offered me a shot at buying what is in their words, 'first dibs on (potential) wild card playoff action.'

I'll admit, I got excited. So you're saying there's still a chance? Listen, I'm the first to admit that the past few pieces I've written about our little Red Shoed Rangers were probably not what could be described as 'optimistic in tone.' The free-fall happened and then it just...kept happening.

But when we step back and look at the realistic expectations for this season, I'm not sure that it didn't have 'potential wild card playoff action' written all over it. And I actually mean that in a positive way. We all knew the Nelson Cruz issue would be the Sword of Damocles that hung over the team until it either disappeared into the ether or the hammer came down. The MLB's long and drawn out investigation actually bought us more time with Cruz than I had initially anticipated.

Maybe I'm still drunk off the intoxicating 12-0 rout of the Astros or last night's 3-2 victory over them but I have vapors of optimism rising in the near empty tank of baseball playoff hopes. It's at times like this that I like to remind people that an NL wild card team went all the way a mere two years ago. Then it's also at times like these that I remember that said team was the St. Louis Cardinals and the other team was us and then Game 6 memories come flooding back like...well, I'll stop there. All I'm trying to say is that it's not over.

Do I think the 2013 Rangers are in any way the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals? Probably (likely) not. But if grabbing the smallest section of the coattails of the hope of postseason playoff action keeps the wolves (and by wolves, I mean every two-bit sports fan or analyst calling for the heads of every single person in the organization) at bay for another week then I say this: get to grabbing, Rangers.

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