Congratulations to Dallas police and Fair Park residents... a real serial rape suspect finally is behind bars.

But for one man, it's still not over.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

No, Alan Mason never was a suspect in the Fair Park rape cases, but he was, by Dallas Police Chief David Brown's own tweet, a 'person of interest.'

Legal minds may see a subtle difference between that and a suspect, but in the public spotlight, it's just about the same thing.

Someone called in an anonymous tip about Mason and 11 hours of searching turned up nothing, so the tweet and picture went out and Mason was brought in -- officially, for probation violation on a DUI case.

That is a crime, but it's a long way from rape, which DNA now says Mason did not commit.

No apology necessary, Chief Brown says, because he never said he was a suspect, just a 'person of interest.'

That might work in a court of law, but it's the court of public opinion that matters now.

Alan Mason's not perfect, but he's no rapist -- never was a suspect, and now, not even a 'person of interest.'

That should warrant an apology of some kind from someone.

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