BALCH SPRINGS - On Sunday afternoon, Carol Nix was at home in Balch Springs, when a little stray dog walked up to her front door.

'That little dog came over and got a drink of water, then she starts moseying around the fence and everything,' Nix said.

Her name is Zuri - just a few months old - and Nix was soon serving as her guardian angel.

She said a group of teens came down the street minutes later, and Zuri walked over.

'The boy who was in front, he had a stick. And the stick, to me, looked more like a staff -- and he took a swing,' Nix said. 'I went, 'Well, did he hit that dog? Did he hit the dog?''

Nix called Balch Springs police, but the teens disappeared. Zuri was in bad shape.

'Her eye was bloody, it had been poked with a stick,' said Carissa Harris with Rocky Ridge Refuge.

The rescue agency brought her to Veterinarians Dental in Dallas, and Zuri's second chance started. Dr. Jaime Presley planned to remove the dog's left eye Thursday, then nurse her back to health.

'She should be a perfectly happy and healthy puppy after that,' Presley said.

Judging by the hearts she's already stolen, finding Zuri a home shouldn't take long.

But Balch Springs police are still searching for the teen that hurt her, and Nix wants him to pay.

'I would like to see them to jail time,' Nix said. 'They ought to be happier with that than an eye for an eye.'

If you know any of the teens involved, please call Balch Springs police.

For more information on Zuri, or if you're interested in adopting Zuri or any other pets please contact Rocky Ridge Refuge at this link.


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