DALLAS Lesley Warren knows how close she came to dying.

She said she was arguing with her boyfriend Christopher Price during the afternoon of July 30 when he became enraged.

"He snapped... he completely snapped," Warren said, recalling his chilling words: "'You are not getting out of here.'"

She said Price tied her feet and hands together and and locked her in the bathroom at their apartment on Walnut Hill Lane.

"The first time he was dousing me with alcohol," Warren said. "He had a little piece of paper and chunked it in the bathroom and it went 'poof.'"

She was able to get out of the restraints and run, but she said he was waiting for her on the other side and chased her into her bedroom.

"He came in there with charcoal fluid to light barbecues and doused me with that," Warren said.

She said Price then set the bed on fire and knocked her unconscious.

"I must have been roasting there, because all the chemicals were on me," Warren said.

The pictures of what she looked like after that attack are hard to look at. Imagine feeling her pain.

She is suffering from 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on her back, neck and ears. She asked that we not show her face because of her injuries.

Pieces of her ears are still missing.

"It felt like a dream," Warren said.

She spent 24 days in the Parkland Memorial Hospital burn unit, gaining strength from another patient who had also been set on fire by her partner.

As Warren was leaving the hospital, a third domestic violence burn victim was being admitted.

"It really disgusts me how domestic violence is everywhere, and it scares me," she said.

Warren's ex-boyfriend is under arrest for the brutal attack. She wanted to tell her story to show the reality of domestic violence, and offers this advice to other women:

"Be careful who they choose to love."

It will take at least a year before her wounds completely heal, but Lesley Warren knows the scars will remain for the rest of her life.


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