Q: I have been a faithful WFAA viewer since moving to Dallas in 1998 but I think I'm finished. I just can't comprehend how viewers quick opinions or worse, their tweets are news. I want to here about current events, investigative reports, weather and sports. I really couldn't care less what the viewers think about those events and frankly find those bits annoying. I'm 40 years old and a Facebook user: that's where opinions are appropriate.

A: Thank you for your comments. While you may not care for social media comments to be included, others do. Our goal is to reach an appropriate balance between traditional and new media in the framework of a local newscast. Social media can be extremely valuable as was the case in the recent landing of the Southwest aircraft in New York ( According to the WFAA story, a Dallas attorney was trying to catch a flight, and watched from the terminal and heard a crowd reacting to the accident. He and others Tweeted pictures and details from the scene of the accident, supplying eyewitness accounts as it was happening.

The technology is relatively new, as is its use of it in the context of broadcasts on everything from nearly all broadcast and cable news networks. Our values, ethics and dedication to responsible journalism remain the same.

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