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The Tarrant County Medical Examiner on Tuesday detailed the specific injuries that caused the death of a 52-year-old woman who was ejected from the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas last week.

Rosa Esparza was sitting in the third row of the roller coaster and was ejected as the ride began its descent from the first large hill of the track, said county spokeswoman Linda Faye Anderson.

The Dallas resident fell freely for 75 feet, "striking a support metal beam and then coming to rest on the metal roof of the tunnel," Anderson said.

The autopsy found Esparza suffered extensive trauma to her torso. Previously, the medical examiner only said her cause of death was from "multiple traumatic injuries" and occurred on the "roller coaster track."

The Texas Giant has been closed since Esparza's death.

The state last approved the roller coaster's safety in February, a process for amusement rides that is similar to passing an auto inspection. As News 8's Todd Unger reported on Sunday:

"The 14-story ride is touted as the tallest steel-hybrid roller coaster in the world. The German roller coaster maker, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, is sending officials to inspect the ride.

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, the ride must remain closed until an independent expert clears it to the department's satisfaction.

A project manager told The Dallas Morning News Gerstlauer has never had problems with car safety bars on any of the roughly 50 roller coasters it's built around the world over the past 30 years."

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