DALLAS A tight trio of 27-year-olds has matured into business partners who are realizing their blueprints to create a multi-concept store in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Loc Tran, John McIntosh, and Umair Humeed are busy creating a development at 1500 Jackson Street in downtown Dallas. Urban Orchard Market is a one-stop shop that by summer's end will include a cafe, a juice bar, an urban organic market, and a hip new upscale liquor mart called Urban Vineyard.

"Think Apple Store meets liquor store," explained Humeed, referring to a clean, upscale design that will be incorporated throughout the project.

The space has been home before to food outlets that didn't work out. But these young entrepreneurs believe their fresh zeal can create a new generation of supermarket that appeals to downtown dwellers a sort of gathering spot where relationships will be as important as retail.

"The money is nice; we obviously are going to make money for sure, but that s not the priority," McIntosh explained.

"We re trying to build a community," Tran added.

Forbes recently ranked Houston and Austin as the state s premier cities for young business starters. But these three friends are counting on a successful venture that they hope will be part of a larger movement to bring that kind of recognition to Dallas.


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