SAGINAW -- Along Babbling Brook Drive, drivers are warned to watch out for kids playing, but this holiday weekend, sidewalks and lawns are bare.

"It's definitely different," said neighbor Erica Rayos. "There are usually kids playing and people outside. It's not like that this time."

This time, next to the American flags, there are ribbons and teddy bears, reminders that Alanna Gallagher will never come home.

Someone killed the six-year-old and dumped her body wrapped in a tarp in a neighborhood intersection. Two teens found her on Roundrock Drive and Cindy Lane Monday night.

Her family told police she was last seen playing outside.

"Since that, we are kind of scared, you can say," Rayos said. "I think most families are feeling the same way."

Rachel Monk from Saginaw is taking that fear and turning it into action.

"This has got to stop," Monk said. "We can't keep losing our children to predators like this."

She is urging families and businesses across the city to wear purple in honor of Alanna. It was the girl's favorite color.

"By the end of next week, I want to see everybody in Saginaw with a purple ribbon," Monk said.

Several businesses are already participating in the effort.

As for Monk, she plans to spend the weekend trying ribbons around light poles in her neighborhood. She is also wearing a purple shirt to work.

She hopes the campaign sends a message of hope and healing.

"We are never going to forget you [Alanna,]" Monk said. "We are are never going to forget what happened. You are in our hearts."

Police continue to receive tips on the case, but no one has been arrested. Investigators say the family is not suspected, and believe the case will be an isolated incident.

News 8 has learned detectives are reviewing video surveillance from home and businesses in the area.

If you have any information that can help police, call either (682)888-3682 or (682)888-3684.


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