IRVING Irving City Council members postponed making a decision about the future of embattled City Manager Tommy Gonzalez Wednesday night.

Council members spent more than three hours meeting behind closed doors talking about whether to offer Gonzalez a buyout, a new contract, or to let his current contract expire.

Giving him a buyout could cost the city an estimated $500,000 on top of Gonzalez' estimated $450,000 annual salary.

The closed-door executive session meeting began at 6:45 p.m. Two hours later, Mayor Beth Van Duyne emerged to tell waiting constituents a decision was not going to happen.

"It is not clear what way we are going," she said. "The fact is, if [citizens] are going to come and speak about a resolution, I want them to know what the resolution is. And it's quite clear we are not at that point."

Gonzalez is one of the highest-paid city managers in the nation, but he's been accused of questionable ethics decisions.

And the idea of a half-million dollar buyout upsets a lot of citizens. It's a big decision one Council members apparently yet aren't ready to make.


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