FORT WORTH News 8 has obtained a 911 call for a suspected drug overdose at the same Fort Worth apartment from which Ty Pickens was carried unconscious.

The incident happened several weeks before Pickens a TCU student and the grandson of financier T. Boone Pickens died in January. His cause of death is still listed as "pending."

OPERATOR: "We're going to try to help him with that sound he's making, OK?"

CALLER: "Yes. Can you hear that? Oh my gosh!"

The call was made on November 6. You hear what sounds like groaning in the background as a young female caller follows the operator's instructions to give aid until help arrives.

In Apartment 312 at 1800 Rogers Road lay a 21-year-old man, unconscious, sweating, making unusual sounds.

The operator asks if it's an overdose.

CALLER: "I haven't seen him do anything. But he's not waking up. So, I don't know. I just met him."

Paramedics arrived within five minutes to give emergency treatment and rush the young man to the hospital. He survived.

OPERATOR: "Is he breathing?"

CALLER: "Yes, but it doesn't sound right."

A little over two months later at the same apartment paramedics were not called for Ty Pickens. A witness told investigators Pickens took Xanax, and was injected with heroin by Brennan Rodriguez.

According to a police affidavit, Rodriguez told the witness to drive Pickens to the hospital because of trouble caused by the previous overdose call.

Just days before Pickens' death, Southlake Carroll students Kyle McNutt and Chase Nunez died from a combination of drugs, including heroin and Xanax.

Statistics from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office show a growing number of people mixing drugs with fatal results. In 2011, the agency recorded 74 deaths from mixed intoxication and 29 from heroin alone.

Last year, the number climbed to 98 deaths from mixed drugs, and 24 from heroin.

Police have charged Brennan Rodriguez with tampering with evidence in Pickens' death for allegedly hiding drugs and paraphernalia.

We were unable to reach the 21-year-old who was taken from the apartment in November. The 911 caller declined an interview.


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