GARLAND A neighbor pulled a teen from a house that caught on fire Friday, narrowly saving the young woman from the flames.

The two-alarm fire broke out at 5:45 p.m. Friday in the 1600 block of Homestead Place. Kaylie Pollard lives on that block and didn't realize the house was on fire until a man she didn't know knocked on her door.

"We looked outside and the sky is just black," Pollard said. "We ran outside and we knew, like, five kids lived there so we are freaking, praying to God the kids aren't inside."

All the kids who live at 1609 Homestead Placewere not inside but one was, 18 year old KaRiel Evans. Evans was in bed watching TV.

Pollard called 911 while a man she said had been going door-to-door all evening rushed toward the house.

"he's a hero," she said. "He ran and busted open a window."

He then rescued Evans from the burning home.

"Yeahhe busted open a window and then he said a TV was blocking the way. He pushed the TV out and dragged the girl out," Pollard said.

The fire took about a half-hour to tap out.

Kauvaucey Lewis is KaRiel's brother. He came home from work to see his house nearly destroyed. Neighbors told him about the man who saved his sister's life.

"He said he just couldn't let somebody burn. Someone was in the house and he reacted out of instinct really," said Lewis.

Lewis said he thanked the man who rescued his sister the only way he knew how.

"I gave him a handshake and hug and told him I appreciate it because my sister is my heart," Lewis said.

KaRiel is being treated at Parkland Hospital for smoke inhalation. Investigators are still trying to determine where and how the fire started.


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