LEWISVILLE Lewisville police are searching for two men who sexually assaulted a 32-year-woman on aNew Year's Eve jog at Lenard L. Woods Park.

"She said two men jumped from behind a tree and attacked her," said Lewisville Police Captain Kevin Deaver. "And at some point during a struggle with them she was knocked unconscious."

Deaver says the suspects either used a weapon or their fists to hit the woman in the head

"Once she regained consciousness she ran back to her family, alerted her family and they contacted us," Deaver said.

The only description police have of the suspects is that they are either white or Hispanic and in their late teens or early 20s. Deaver said the fact that there were two attackers working together is rare.

They reached out to surrounding cities during their investigation and, "so far nothing indicates a pattern that would cause alarm," he said.

It appears this is a random, isolated attack.

"Generally there's nothing we need to worry about," said Janet O'Malley, who lives near the park and walks the same trail several times a week. But she always walks with neighbor and friend Lynn Pasnik.

"I don't think to come out here by myself," said Pasnik.

The victim in the attack was alone after dark.

"It's a nice neighborhood," she said, "but I think things like that can happen any place. There are predators any place."

Police hope anyone who saw or heard anything in that park on New Year's Eve will contact them.


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