DALLAS There was a new beginning Tuesday for a Dallas family that was burned out of their home last July 4th.

You probably remember the incident: There was a mix-up with a 911 call, and as a result, Dora Fuller's home burned to the ground.

Today, she and her family were invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony and awarded the keys to their new home.

What was left of the family's belongings and the burned-out home were razed in August. Since then, Dallas upgraded its 911 system.

I'm just trying to put the past behind me and just trying to move on, Fuller said Tuesday.

Fuller qualified for a new home under a City of Dallas housing program that repairs or rebuilds homes for those in need.

Now nearly a year later a new brick three-bedroom, two-bath home sits on the same lot where Fuller's old house stood.

I just love it! she exclaimed.

Fuller and her family have been living in temporary housing, so for her, Tuesday was truly a homecoming.

I missed my neighborhood, and i'm glad to get back here, she said. I just want to thank everyone who helped me at the time of my crisis.

We were just simply pleased to be a part of making sure that the family had the opportunity to have a new home replacing their old home in the same neighborhood, said Dallas City Council member Dwaine Caraway. This is a great day!

Dallas has made technology improvements to its 911 system, and has hired more emergency operators to reduce the possibility of future mix-ups.


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