DALLAS -- A motorcycle driver died early Wednesday when he crashed into the side of a car during a police chase.

The driver fled from Garland police after they attempted to pull him over as he was traveling westbound on Miller Road near Jupiter Road during a routine traffic spot just after midnight.

A chase ensued and ended when the driver crashed into the side of a Cadillac at the intersection of Miller and Plano roads at about 12:30 a.m. in Dallas. The force of the crash threw the driver off the bike was transported to Baylor Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

It was a very horrific wreck, said Joe Harn, a Garland officer at the scene. The motorcycle almost disintegrated on impact. As you can see behind us, it spun the Cadillac around.

Police said the driver of the Cadillac appeared to be OK and was alert at the scene.

Authorities said they are working to identify the deceased motorcycle driver and determine why he fled from police.

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