DALLAS Dallas school officials are investigating a video taken at Spruce High School that appears to show students using drugs on campus.

News 8 brought the video to the attention of district officials after being contacted by a family.

The recording depicts a group of students inside Spruce High School's gymnasium. The students were gathered on a set of bleachers in a circle, and a female student is seen on the cell-phone video using a school identification card to mix a white substance.

The teenager is then seen on the video appearing to sniff what one student believed was cocaine.

A whole bunch of people came over, the student told News 8.

One girl started chopping it up in a bag, she put it on the mirror, she lined it up and rolled up a dollar bill and started sniffing it, the student added.

News 8 is protecting identity of the witness, and are not releasing the names of the other teens seen on the video.

We took the video to district officials on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday morning, DISD had set up a drug sweep at the high school and gave WFAA unprecedented access inside the high school.

The district confirms that the teens seen on the cell phone video are Spruce students who are now being questioned about what the video shows.

We have kids who have made some bad decisions, said Principal Rawly Sanchez. Now it's become our responsibility to be proactive about it.

Around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning Spruce High School was put into lockdown. Classrooms were shut down; students were not allowed to roam the halls; and a police dog was brought in to sweep the building.

The K-9 recovered what police say was about 15 grams of marijuana in a boys' bathroom window.

Two students were questioned about the drugs, but no one was arrested.

DISD said it conducts random searches at its high schools and middle schools every week. The district encourages its students to notify a school official if they see drugs being used on campus.


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