DALLAS - Court documents reveal the events that may have led up to the Amber Alert for 11-year-old Jessica Smith.

The affidavits were filed as exhibits in the on-going divorce between the girls parents, Kimberly and Phillip Smith.

Step-sister Myranda Fields signed a sworn statement that she heard Jessica and Kimberly fighting Monday night. She said Kimberly had trapped the girl in a closet. The document says Jessica screamed that her mom was going to kill her and that her mom had a knife.

Myranda went on to say she separated the two, only to find the mom possibly choking her.

A second affidavit was signed by a counselor at Parkwood Hill Intermediate. She said Jessica was in group counseling with her mom's permission.

She said on Monday, Jessica told her the story was made up. Jessica told the counselor she was not molested by her dad. The counselor said the girl was told to read the story every night on her iPhone, so she could repeat it to a judge.

Phillip Smith faces charges for sexual assault of a child. His attorney says it was based on a false outcry. Tom Pappas told News 8 the investigation will vindicate his client and explain the motives behind the Amber Alert.

He said Jessica was expected to be placed with grandparents while the investigation continues.

Kimberly Smith is in a New Mexico jail facing extradition to Texas. She is accused of child assault and endangerment.

Kimberly and Jessica were found Sunday near Carson National Forest after a five-day search.


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