It doesn't really matter who we elect president, whether Democrat or Republican. At some point, this nation is very likely to go into default.

...And when it does, to a degree, we can blame ourselves for it happening.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Let's be honest. We are where are because both parties got us here. But they got us here because we refused to read the fine print in their promises.

The out-of-office party always claims to be the political messiah, just arrived to rescue us from the hands of the devil (the party in power) and take us to the promised land.

The Democrats did it in 2008, making former President Bush out to be Beelzebub. Now, it's the Republicans and President Obama.

The truth is, the supporters of both sides are so quick to take apart their opponents, that they rarely understand their own candidates or the cost of their ideas.

We're running a deficit now. We were in 2008. And while there is big talk about cutting programs, there's also discussion about adding new ones.

Slice our neighbor's favorite program, not ours.

Some day these parties won't be able to cover all the sleight of hand going on, and we'll all be broke. It's just words to politicians - anything to get elected or re-elected. They'll keep doing it as long as we let them.

The tough thing about a republic is you have to pay attention... Something we are not doing.

Politicians love to talk, but every citizen should remember: If you don't pay attention, you're going to pay in much bigger ways.

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