FORT WORTH Fort Worth food trucks are about to have a permanent place to park.

City code currently prevents them from staying in one place too long or staking out spots too close to established restaurants. Truck owners say that policy makes it difficult to develop a loyal following.

That's where the Fort Worth Food Park comes in.

This makes it accessible, explained food park developer Chris Kruger. We went through a whole process with the city to get this approved from Day One when they can come in and serve and it will be fine, so it will give them some comfort, for sure.

Kruger purchased a parcel of land just north of West 7th, directly behind the Target store in Montgomery Plaza. He's had it wired for the trucks and installed plumbing for customers.

His goal is to give to the trucks a stable place to park, where patrons can experience several mobile kitchens in one spot.

It will be much nicer for customers to have some sort of fixed facility, Kruger told News 8.

When the park opens on December 2, Red Jett Sweets will be one of the first to claim a spot.

Christina Jett usually parks her mobile cupcake store under a plane on Montgomery Street. It should be the ideal spot for Red Jett Sweets, but she's only allowed to stay for 60 minutes at a time.

We're mobile. We move around every hour. So it's a little different for us, Jett said.

She said fans track her truck on Facebook and her Web site, but she'd like to catch the tastebuds of people who frequent one area. That's why she likes the food park idea.

It's a great concept, Jett said. I think it's going to pull a lot of traffic, and a lot of consistent traffic.

And that's the kind of traffic food trucks are looking for on Fort Worth streets.


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