SAN ANTONIO This year San Antonio will have a Fourth of July unlike any other. But it may not have much sparkle in the wake of a fireworks ban.

So what about all the people who planned a trip to the Alamo City specifically for the Fourth of July?

Tourism officials have been receiving complaints from families who booked flights and hotels expecting to see pyrotechnics. That's why they were hoping the fireworks ban would be lifted.

Since it hasn't, thousands of people have been left with no choice but to find another way to celebrate.

Even on a hot day, hundreds of tourists flock to downtown San Antonio.

Andrea Lawler and her family came all the way from California. While the Alamo and River Walk have lived up to their expectations, the Lawler family is disappointed about one thing: No fireworks.

Jody Reyes and his family are equally disappointed. They were hoping to see fireworks at SeaWorld. Jody realizes it's not the end of the world.

There's still fun stuff... watching Shamu and all that, Jody said.

For the Lawler family , their back-up planis to drive further east, but they're quickly finding out most Texas counties are in the same boat this holiday weekend: No patriotic pyrotechnics will light up the night sky.

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