I hope you got a chance to cherish Thursday in North Texas, such days are few in number. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Think about where we've been. We hosted the Super Bowl and perfected a plan that linked all the major metropolitan cities through a transportation system.

All the public safety departments, mayors, city councils, restaurants and hotels were brought together to make the Super Bowl plans, but when the time arrived, nature refused to cooperate.

Before that, we hosted the NBA All Star game. It seemed we were on the brink of a turn in our regional fortune, but again there was no help from the weather.

Finally, Thursday nature refused to rain on our parade, and it was as near to perfect as you can get.

Remember, the day before all those worries about security, traffic and the weather? And then it happened. More than 200,000 cheered on the city's streets, with even a Dallas police officer leading the crowd in cheers.

Who could have imagined us so well behaved? So into the moment in the same downtown Dallas that the naysayers claimed can never get anything right.

You have to have lived here for awhile to appreciate what happened, not just for Mavericks' fans, but for anybody who calls North Texas home.

While a normally tranquil downtown Vancouver burned and was forced to pick up the pieces of a reputation left in ruins by rioters, the City of Dallas shined and nature shined on it.

We hit every note pitch perfect, except maybe the players' rendition of We are the Champions.

The point is that I hope we got a glimpse of what's ahead. Look, there are going to be setbacks, nasty arguments and manipulating politicians. We set them all aside Thursday and look what happened. Perhaps that is good advice for tomorrow.

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