FRISCO When you think of lead exposure, you probably consider jewelry, trinkets, and paint but what about clothing?

Frisco mom Peggy Mosley said the label inside her outfit caught her off-guard:

This products contains lead a chemical knows to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not allow children to mouth or chew.

At first I felt stupid, Mosley said. Why would I have a piece of clothing with lead? And then I got mad.

She said she didn't know her new outfits contained lead until it was time for laundry.

I go to wash them, I look at it, flip it over, saw the second tag, and I saw that it had lead, she said.

California requires this label if lead is in the product, and for adults, lead is permitted in clothing.

There are no limits.

But for kids, the regulations are stiff.

Armstrong Forensics Laboratory, which tested Mosely's clothing, said European regulations are in the works for lead in children's clothing. The heavy metal can be found in snaps, zippers even color dyes.

News 8 wanted to examine clothing specifically targeting children. We bought pants covered in rhinestones, but the lab said they tested at safe lead levels.

Mosley wants regulations to cover adult clothing, which she says kids also come in contact with.

When mine were younger, they were on you, sucking on your shirt, all those kinds of things, she said. It says on there it can be harmful and cause birth defects. So how many pregnant women are wearing these clothes and don't even know?

While California and Illinois require lead warning labels, Texas does not. That's why the next time Peggy Mosely goes shopping, she'll question what she's really buying.


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