DALLAS, TX - NFL Hall of fame and former Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett is part of the host committee for Super Bowl 45. On Martin Luther King Day, he spent part of his day with a visit to St Phillips School and community center in south Dallas.

We all know what he stands for and to be here and in south Dallas, down in the community, the black community, presenting to this wonderful school $1500 dollars on behalf of Verizon, Dorsett told the student body. It's a great day.

Terry Flowers is head master at St Philips. Having the opportunity for our students to understand that's not how high you go, it's who you take with you and the importance of giving back to the community and staying connected and creating in the mindset with students that even with success, comes responsibility to serve, Flowers says. That ties right into the message that Martin Luther King has for us all.

Before Dorsett read to the students, he told them When you read, you learn, when you learn, you grow.

His visit was part of Verizon's45 days to Super Bowl XLV.

Dreaming of a change, Dorsett quoted from a book about Martin Luther King. He wanted everyone to be treated the same. He wanted the world to be fair to everyone.

Later in an art class, he helped the kids create artistic tributes to Martin Luther King. The Super Bowl is coming to North Texas and since the Cowboys aren't in the playoffs, guess who Dorsett is pulling for now?

Where am I from? Dorsett asked. Oh there is a town called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yeah, they have a team called the Pittsburgh Steelers. If I was a betting man, that's where my coin would be. If it couldn't be Dallas, my hearts in Pittsburgh.

Like so many folks in North Texas, Dorsett can't wait for Super Bowl XLV to begin but the demands on his time are beginning to pile up.

The old saying, they do it big in Texas, they're going to do it huge in Texas, Dorsett says. I don't know if I m going to be fired up come the super bowl only because I m being pulled in so many different directions. Everybody wants this and everybody wants that and they feel that me being in Dallas, and I m on host committee, I played for the Dallas Cowboys, they think I ve got tickets, they think I ve got hotels, they think I ve got restaurants. they think I ve got it all.
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