DALLAS - Several North Texas cities could end up considering the boycott Arizona effort.

The list of cities banning official travel or business already includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Paul, Minnesota, El Paso and Austin. It's a protest over Arizona's tough new illegal immigration law.

The backlash to the law that spurred thousands to demonstrate May 1 on the Dallas City Hall Plaza may soon spill inside to the council chambers.

City council members Delia Jasso and Steve Salazar hope to back a resolution boycotting Arizona.

As an elected official representing a large population of immigrants I would not want the City of Dallas spending money in a place that would not support immigrants, Salazar said.

If they craft a resolution to bring up, they will be following the Austin City Council that passed a boycott Thursday. The boycott bars City of Austin travel or business ties with the state of Arizona, according to Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez.

This is not something that we believe is right for Texas or for any part of the country, Martinez said.

Arizona boycott movements are not gathering support yet in Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving. But, city councils across North Texas will likely start hearing from citizens and groups opposed to the Arizona law and urging local action.

We probably will go to the smaller cities where we have chapters, and we have about 30 chapters throughout that includes Fort Worth, Dallas and the smaller communities, said Hector Flores, who is on the national board of the League of United Latin American Citizens.


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