"Cold Souls" is a funny, enlightened, odd little movie starring Oscar-winner Paul Giamatti, as himself. During rehearsals for Chekov's "Uncle Vanya," the actor is a constant emotional wreck... so what does he do? He finds a scientist, well played by David Strayhairn, who removes his soul and stores it in a jar. It's all terribly cerebral and thought-provoking.

What Paul Giamatti discovers is his own soulless existence, and it's much worse than he ever imagined. In fact, he discovers an entire underground world of soul-trafficking, people who steal your soul and sell it to others. At one point the good doctor even misplaces Giamatti's soul.

"Cold Souls" is written and directed by first time film-maker Sophie Barthes; and it's a strong debut. Her movie moves in and out of surreal situations using good actors who know exactly what they are doing.

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