GRAPEVINE - A pastor took the stage Sunday in Grapevine to give a much-anticipated and controversial sermon called the "Seven Days of Sex."

The sermon, which is part of a series called "Leaving Lust Vegas," challenged married couples to have sex for seven days straight.

"Doing the 'sexperiment' will take your marriage to a whole other level," said Pastor Ed Young, while giving the sermon at the Fellowship Church in Grapevine.

Young preached that coming together as one in marriage is God's way of increasing intimacy and decreasing the odds of divorce.

"If you are hearing 'no' regularly when one is in the mood and one isn't - if you are hearing 'no' regularly- something is wrong in your marriage," he said.

It's a sermon that has caught national attention, including Good Morning America and CNN. It's a message some church members said needs to be heard.

"This is where it needs to be talked about, in the church," said Craig West, a church member.

"It's a responsibility not only to God but to our marriages to be doing this," said Stacey West, Craig's wife. "As a woman, I didn't realize the needs of my spouse."

Young told the congregation to get past everyday roadblocks - such as kids, work and being tired - that could be placed around the marital bed.


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