Some fans waited in line for 14 hours outside the American Airlines Center for a chance to buy tickets and meet Mavericks Forward Dirk Nowitzki.

Dirk, I ve been freezing out here for you. I've been out here since five o'clock this morning. I think I ve got pneumonia. I'm cold and I m starving, said Natalie Martinez when she approached the ticket window.

It was Nowitzki who was sitting behind the window when the fans walked up to buy tickets for the NBA All-Star Jam Session. It's part of the NBA All-Star weekend in February.

He's awesome, says Nicole Artega.

Nobody waited in line longer than Sylvia Smiley. She showed up at midnight to be first in line. Good to meet you, Sylvia said as she approached Nowitzki. You were camping out last night? Nowitzki asked. Right there by the ATM machine, she said.

For the folks waiting in line here, this was about more than just the NBA All-Star game. Sure they could but tickets to events like the Jam Session, but they also got to meet Nowitzki. After all, he is their own NBA All-Star.

You can blow me a kiss through there too, Martinez asked which was followed by a smooching noise from Nowitzki. Yeah I wanted him to give me a kiss, but he only blew me a kiss. That wasn t enough.

Nowitzki and Jason Terry will be hosting the Jam Session in just 17-days atthe Dallas Convention Center. The two Mavericks players will serve as the official spokesman for the event. It s the largest interactive fan event during the NBA All-Star event. It will feature more than eleven acres of NBA All-Star excitement where fans have a chance to meet and collect free autographs.

The fans have always been great to me here and just unfortunate that we couldn't vote enough that we couldn't get me in, in our home town, Nowitzki said.

Nowitzki will be playing in the All-Star game, just not starting. For these fans, it won't matter.

It's a little disappointing especially since I was leading the whole time and in just the last few days, Tim (Duncan) made that huge jump, Nowitzki said. I think the fans vote who they want to see, so we all got to live with the results.
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