After sitting side by side on their Palomino horses for 14 years, Murtie Bounds said Dennis Hanson was more than just her riding partner.

He was her friend.

'Sad doesn't even start to describe how I feel about losing Dennis,' Bounds said.

Bounds and Hanson joined the Tarrant County Sheriff's Posse at the same time in 2000. The group is made up of volunteers who serve as ambassadors for the sheriff's office.

Bounds said Hanson loved riding horses... and his motorcycle.

Police said Hanson hit a curb while riding that cycle with a group from his church, the Fellowship Riders, in the 2200 block of Golden Triangle Boulevard Saturday morning. They were on their way to deliver school supplies and clothes to needy children.

'He was just a great guy,' said The Rev. Rob Johnson, executive pastor of The Met Church in Fort Worth. 'He was just an inspiration.'

Johnson said Hanson and his wife were active church members, always stepping in to help where needed. The 67-year-old father and soon-to-be grandfather also played the bass guitar in a church band.

'It was something that definitely hit us very hard,' Johnson said. 'It was such a great loss because he was all about making an impact.'

Bounds said it will be hard to fill his cowboy boots or ride without him at her side.

'It's just too much of a loss. He was just a great, great person,' she said. 'Not just as a posse member... he was a great person.'

Bounds said Dennis Hanson taught special needs children before he retired, and no one is surprised that in his final moments he was on his way to help someone.


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