DENTON Before and after images of a man's face alone show he was roughed up by a Denton jailer.

However, video released Wednesday by the Denton Police Department shows more of the story that led to the termination of the accused jailer.

The video starts with Jason Bishop, 38, in the intake area. Bishop was arrested on a public intoxication charge. In the video, police say you can see as he refuses to follow orders and becomes increasingly hostile.

Jailers take him to a detox area to calm him down. But, once in the cell, jailer Darius Porter does what police call an improper take down, slamming Bishop face down on to the concrete. His nose was broken and he lost consciousness near a pool of his own blood.

'Mr. Bishop wasn't resisting at the time,' said Ryan Grelle, a Denton spokesman. 'And when he took him down, there was no control of Mr. Bishop, which is what we normally try to do.'

Police maintain the jailer was wrong and Porter is out of a job.

However, they also say the video proves Bishop wasn't handcuffed when he was taken down nor beaten.

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