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DALLAS This is a day that Steven and Michelle Seals, new parents of quintuplets, have been waiting months for doctors gave them the go ahead to head home.

Thursday was an emotional day for the now family of eight, and for the dozens of doctors and nurses at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas that made it possible.

Back in March, Mrs. Seals gave birth to four girls and one boy. They were the first quintuplets in Baylor Hospital's history.The babies were born about two months early. Since then, they've remained at there under the close eyes of the NICU staff.

One by one, they were released. The first baby went home as early as June 6. The fifth and final quintuplet was out this week. Thursday, after a final round of check ups, they were cleared to head home.Officially ending a four-and-a-half month stay at the hospital.

There was a tearful farewell from the staff, who they now consider family.

'I don't know what I would do without them,' Mrs. Seals said. 'I'm just so happy that I get to stay in touch with them and continue our friendship from Maud, and they're going to have to come and visit.'

In the coming days, they'll make the three-hour tripback home to Maud, Texas. Seals, who's a school teacher, says she'll stay and take care of her six children full time.


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