SAGINAW It wasn't the kind of morning Saginaw Fire Department Battalion 14 had anticipated, but then again, firefighters come prepared for anything.

It was in that spirit they helped Chrystal Monds give birth to her son, John, inside a MedStar ambulance.

'It's pretty neat. I enjoyed it,' said Saginaw firefighter Mike Deford. 'It's the first one, you know, that I've ever been really involved in delivering.'

Just after 9 a.m. Tuesday, the fire crew was called to respond to a mother-to-be going into labor. They hurried to the scene, and Lt. Brian Meroney said the paramedics from MedStar had everything under control.

However, the Saginaw crew was temporarily boxed in by the MedStar ambulance, and so they had to wait to leave. During that time, the MedStar medics realized that Monds was giving birth, and called the firefighters over to help.

'It's one of the few times in our career that you get to see the birth of life,' Meroney said. 'Normally, you get to see the worst of life... they're dying... they're passing on.'

John is Chrystal Monds' sixth child. Both are doing well at Texas Health Harris Methodist.

And the Saginaw firefighters have a great story to tell.

'Very rarely do we truly get to enjoy the birth of someone, so it was pretty neat and exciting,' Meroney said. 'But we can't take all the credit; MedStar was there. But most importantly, mom was, too!'


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