LEAGUE CITY, Texas City leaders will vote on a resolution to refuse any requests by the federal government to bring undocumented children into League City.

The resolution warns minors here illegally could be a drain on health, education and other government services.

League City is the latest community to fight back against federal efforts to shelter children in cities across the southwest.

Many of the children are fleeing violence, drugs and gangs in Mexico and Central America and are crowding border facilities.

The resolution's supporters fear thousands more could come into the U.S. and might be headed here.

'If they are here illegally, they should go back, plain and simple,' said League City resident Bryan Dwyer.

But others say the resolution goes too far. One clause even warns that the undocumented immigrants could put the country at risk for terrorism.

'Children are innocent,' said Liz Samsos, a resident who brought her own grandchild to League Park. 'I don't think that the children themselves should have to be judged, kids are kids.'

League City commissioners will debate the resolution on Tuesday.

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