BASTROP -- This week a huge milestone was reached in Bastrop, nearly three years since wildfires ripped through the county killing two people and destroying more than a thousand homes.

Since the fire, the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team has built 133 homes from the ground up for people who lost everything in the fire.

Now they're down to the final few, with five homes under construction and only three more left to build.

A volunteer youth group from Georgetown called Georgetown Community Restore is helping at the five homes under construction this week.

The high school and college students are not professionally trained, but they are willing to work as hard as they can to make a home for a mother and daughter whose house was damaged in the 2011 wildfires.

'Watching them come in and see the house and how far it's been progressing makes my day,' said one of the teen volunteers.

'Amazing to come home. You know, I cried because when you see that, and you see the way they love God, and they do this because they love God, it was an amazing thing,' Laurie Osborn told WFAA's sister station KVUE on Wednesday.

Laurie and Sarah Osborn will live in one of the five homes under construction in a few weeks when the house is done.

Laurie says watching these kids work on their summer break on their own time makes her family want to pay it forward.

'They go redo houses and that's what I want to do,' said her daughter Sarah.

The group hopes to completely finish two of the five builds currently underway by Friday and the rest will be finished in a few weeks.

After that, only three more homes need to be built by the Recovery Group in Bastrop and those will be finished this fall.

The homes are all built through The Bastrop County Recovery Team with money from FEMA, the Red Cross and several fundraisers.

When the last three homes are finished this fall, The Recovery Team will cease all operations after building a total of 136 homes.

Bastrop is 30 miles southeast of Austin.

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