FLOWER MOUND After two days of combing a network of trails along Grapevine Lake, officials have found no trace of a missing mountain biker.

Wesley Hixson hasn't been seen since Saturday morning. Police, state troopers, firefighters and Texas Parks and Wildlife officials all searched the Murrell Park area on Sunday, covering a total of 1,500 acres.

Flower Mound police said the search would continue through the night.

'At this time, search efforts have not resulted in any usable information as to the location of Hixson,' police said in a written statement released at 8:30 p.m. Sunday. 'While we are continuing our search efforts, the wheareabouts of Hisxon are uncertain, and at this time our hope is that he has made his way outside of the park and is safe and secure.'

There are nearly 23 miles of tough trail weaving through Murrell Park.

Hundreds of first responders and volunteers canvassed the area by foot, by bike and on boat. On Saturday evening, a DPS helicopter hovered overhead, but the thick canopy of trees made spotting anything too challenging.

'It's very rugged,' Flower Mound police spokesman Capt. Richard Brooks said. 'Very dense, covered terrain.'

He believes the 30-year-old cyclist is somewhere in the woods. Hixson was last seen riding the popular Northshore Trail on Saturday morning.

Flower Mound police said he and three friends hopped on their bikes together. They broke off into two groups of two... then something went wrong.

'While the two groups of two were riding, Mr. Hixson had a crash on his bike,' Brooks said. 'He told his riding partner that he was fine, that he could continue riding.'

They did continue riding, but sometime later, they separated.

Hixson's friend searched for him and then rushed to his car thinking he was there. He found the rest of their group and they flagged down an officer just before 2 p.m.

Since then, search teams have been scouring the trails in the park.

'Anytime you throw rain into the mix, it's more challenging,' Brooks said. Police are also concerned that Hixson, a father, may have veered off-course in trouble.

'According to his friend, he was acting differently after the crash, so we're thinking there could be some kind of head injury involved, but that's speculation at this point,' Brooks said.

Police said Hixson was wearing a helmet. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, black shorts and sunglasses. Rescue crews will stay at Murrell Park until they find him.

The Arlington Fire Department has confirmed that Hixson is the son of Lt. TomHixson.The department is also sending teams to help with the search.

If you have any information, call Flower Mound police at 972-539-0525.


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