On Lookout Road in Richardson, look out for the railroad crossing just East of Floyd.

The uneven asphalt around the tracks has been a problem for some time and, 'Needs to be fixed' says Tom Pool.

He clicked on 'We Hear Ya' on our website to report the crossing.

'It's the roughest that I have seen anywhere in North Dallas, Plano or Richardson,' he told us.

We asked the City of Richardson about it.While they aren't sure it's the roughest railroad crossing around, the City acknowledges that it's bad enough to budget to smooth it over.

City spokesman Greg Sowell explains, 'The design is already done. We're just waiting for the railroad company to give us the final documentation so we can get up and running on that.It should happen by late summer or early fall.'

While we had Sowell, we asked about another Richardson road concern reported to 'We Hear Ya.'

Cindy Cramer wondered why crews dug up a section of Alma at the intersection of Renner to create a new lane, 'And then just left it unfinished,' she said.

'That's not the case at all.It's not abandoned, there are just all these different components,' Sowell said.

Those components are three utility lines under the road that needed to be relocated.Two of them have been moved and now construction crews are waiting for the third line to be relocated soon. After that construction will resume and should wrap up in two to three months.

Sowell says Richardson welcomes complaints like these from citizens.In fact, the City has an app for that.

The free mobile application called MyRichardson is available in the iTunes and Android stores and allows users to take care of a lot of City-related business, including a portal where, 'You can report a whole bunch of issues.'

Of course, if you have a neighborhood problem in Richardson or anywhere in North Texas and you're not getting an answer, tell us here.


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