DALLAS -- Signatures obtained for a petition in favor of turning the Dallas School District into a home-rule charter district have been verified.

DISD said on Thursday that more than 26,650 signatures were investigated over the last week. That number makes up more than five percent of DISD's registered voters.

Of those signatures, the district said 11,431 were people who aren't registered to vote; 4,537 were people who live outside the district; 2,984 had addresses that were questionable; 1,914 canceled their voter registrations; and 940 of the signatures were on the petition more than once.

The remaining 2,200 signatures weren't investigated because the five percent rule had been met.

Supporters were worried after home-rule opponents claimed signature gatherers didn't follow the proper channels to collect signatures.

The Dallas ISDBoard of Trustees has called a meeting for Thursday at 9 p.m.They will vote on whether to certify the home-rule petition.

If they do, they then have 30 days to appoint a commission to draft a new constitution for the Dallas Independent School District.

'The board is committed to selecting a commission that will seriously consider all of the issues related to creating a home-rule charter,' saidEric Cowan, president of the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.

'[Thursday], we will listen to representatives of the group that circulated the petition as well as a group of citizens that is opposed to creating a new charter. We owe it to all parties to listen thoughtfully so that a commission can be appointed that honors the dialogue taking place within the community regarding our schools and school district.'

Texas law says the proposed home-rule charter won't take effect unless 25 percent of voters choose to adopt it on the next election ballot.

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