DALLAS It's a march that symbolizes the dangerous walk Dallas police officers take every day.

'It's a path not many take sacrificing their lives for others but without their sacrifice, where would society be without our police officers?' asked Dallas Police Chief David Brown, addressing family and friends of fallen officers.

Eighty Dallas officers have been killed in the line of duty in the department's history.

'This memorial is a visual reminder of the dangers inherent to a police officer's duty,' said Lt. Matt Williamson.

Officers stood in front of the memorial built to honor those who died as each of their names were read out loud.

Among the family members was Marie Tippit, whose husband, J.D., was killed 50 years ago by Lee Harvey Oswald. She said families never get used to the loss.

'You deal with it one day at a time,' Tippit said. 'You don't forget.'

Children from a local school sang and brought bracelets made by the children of fallen soldiers. They gave them to current offices as reminder the community stands behind them.

Hanna Cook gave one to Officer Steven Stribley.

'It's real important to me, because it's made from the kids of fallen soldiers,' she said. 'That they give their lives to protect other people.'

'It was very precious that she gave me that,' Stribley added.

The memorial service ended with one final prayer from Lt. Matt Williamson.

'That when we meet again for next year's ceremony, no new names will be added to the Roll of Honor,' he said.


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