ARLINGTON -- Based on the video, which shows a vehicle with lights flashing following closely behind another, you might think you're watching a police chase.

'He's following us and he's encroaching us at a high rate of speed,' Derek Mills said in the car being tailed on the video.

'Hey, now he's high-beaming us,' the vehicle's passenger said.

But what's actually happening in this video, according to Kennedale driver Derek Mills, is a security guard driving down Interstate 20 in Arlington early Saturday morning, trying to make a traffic stop.

'I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believe this gentleman was trying to pull me over,' Mills told News 8.

He admits he might have been speeding a little when he first spotted the security guard. He thought nothing of it, until the man turned on amber-and-white flashing lights, which pulsated at times, and began tailing him. The video shows the guard even putting on his high-beams.

Mills had no plans to pull over, having always been told 'never to pull over for anybody but police.'

Instead, he took out his phone and pressed record.

'We're taking pictures of you,' you can hear Mills and his passenger telling the driver as he pulled next to him. 'We're taking pictures of you!'

Mills eventually called Arlington police Sunday, though police say there's not much they can do because the guard wasn't impersonating an officer and Mills called after the fact. He said he also alerted Fort Worth police right after the incident to let them know the driver was heading their direction.

Police say this appears to be an isolated case, and the security company Mills said was involved never returned our numerous calls.

Police say if you find yourself in a situation like this, the first thing you need to do is call 911. They can tell you definitively whether its actually one of their officers pulling you over, and if its not, they'll send help.

'I figure if this guy's trying to pull me over, I might not be the only person,' Mills said.

So he's sharing the video to let people know to watch out.


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